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Our mission is to empower you to help yourself and others by combining your intuition with modern technology in the use of Hanna Kroeger’s powerful philosophy and methods.

Gisela Hoffman

Gisela Hoffman“Welcome to the wonderful world of dowsing using the advanced capabilities of the internet.  When I entered the technological age of computers 30 years ago, I never dreamt that I, in my lifetime, would use tools which could connect with people, sense their holographic fields, and suggest means of strengthening them.

This package, put together through the hard work of Gwen Foster and Eric Kolesar, will revolutionize and broaden our abilities to help one another.

I sense that Hanna, who never even mastered a two-line telephone while living on this Earth, is thrilled by her leap into the computer age.”

Gwen Foster

Gwen Foster“As a Doctor of Naturopathy I have worked with many healing modalities over the years.  When I took the classes on Hanna Kroeger’s healing methods from Gisela Hoffman in 2003, I knew I had found the core wisdom to tie all the other teachings together.

The power of Hanna’s work inspired me to develop AccessHanna™ through which I hope to make it possible for practitioners in all healing modalities to easily tap into the depth and breadth of Hanna’s gifts.  Eric Kolesar was instrumental in putting the data together for the finished product.

This cutting edge technology takes Hanna’s teachings into a new dimension with many possibilities to Help One Another!”

Of Interest . . .

AccessHanna™ can be used on virtually any computer that has internet access and a USB port making it one of the most flexible software tools available.  For more about this amazing technology, click on the “More About AccessHanna™” button to the right..


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More About Access Hanna

AccessHanna™ facilitates balancing at the holographic and spiritual levels and is in no way intended to replace professional medical care

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